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Wednesday, April 26, 2006



He talking about he saw my profile and I look fine as hell!
He wants to get to know me,
see if I can bounce my azz on his dick.
Wants to know what's good, and am I down?

ShawnQt is Online Now!


25, 5'6, (1.68m), 140lb (64kg), 31w, Swimmer's Build, Black Hair,
Smooth, Black, Looking for Friendship

Trendy, not out, don't smoke, don't drink, don't use drugs,
Zodiac Aries, Safe Sex Only, HIV-
R&B Music, Poetry, Cartoons, Blogging, Numerology, Dancing,
Create Music Videos, Collecting Action Figures.

Yet people don't want to hear about all that. That want to see that you into 1-on-1 sex, 3somes, Group Sex, and have Misc Fetishes. They want to know if your a Top. They want to know if your a Bottom. They want to know if your Versatile. You have to be 9" cut, 10" uncut, 11" cut, 12" uncut! And you most def better be HIV-

Because its all about sex, protected or unprotected. Don't ask don't tell. NO CUNTS, NO FEMS, NO TRANNYS... because everyone is a Thug. Digging deep and wearing out tight round asses. So as you scroll through your city, all you see is dick & azz, dick & azz, dick & azz ...no photo... dick & azz, dick & azz... oh he's cute... oh shit, look at his body in his second pic... let me hit him up to see his private...

...It's all about the private. Everyone is on the DL, trying to get into those private parts, in the privacy of there crib. My place, your place, its your preference. Because when it all goes down, they finally got that number, and finally got that address, and finally got that nut... they'll be on adam shopping for another nut tommorrow night.

Yet everyone isn't like that. Hey... I met some mad cool, genuine dudes on adam. You know, Quality people. I even know some bloggers on there. So who am I to talk so bad about the site. I mean, on the real? Where else can you meet people in your city so quickly? I mean really!

So why not use the site to look for Interesting Kats that's about something. I have my own spot, trying to setup a couple of Cool peeps to just Chill and Bugout from time to time. I usually get along with Creative, Intelligent, Brothas who have a good sense of humor. I stated that I'm in a relationship... but they don't see that.

All they see is my "thugged out" pose, and brothas are going to "try it".

Relationship? Maybe he's not happy.
Relationship? Maybe they want a threesome?
Relationship? Maybe he just wants to get his shit off one time, no strings attached.

NO, I'm just looking for friends, BLOCK!
NO, my man's dick is big enough for me, BLOCK!
NO, I don't want you to lick my azz, BLOCK!

So its my fault. I'm looking for frienship on a sex site. I'm wrong. So... its cool.



A "cure" for mutancy threatens to alter the course of history. For the first time, mutants have a choice: retain their uniqueness, though it isolates and alienates them, or give up their powers and become human. The opposing viewpoints of mutant leaders Charles Xavier, who preaches tolerance, and Magneto, who believes in the survival of the fittest, are put to the ultimate test--triggering the war...

[I can't wait... what about the movie can't you wait to see?]

A Brotha got Skills...

[This design I did in undergrad. I wanted the design to feel like a "kid streching gum into imagination." Also wanted to have that vintage Bazooka feel to it.]

[ I so love IHOP! This design was done in undergrad as well. I actually poured real syrup on a plate, scanned it, took photos of it, and created an illustration to go with it. I wanted the Syrup to feel sexy.]

[ I did this design for Larry D. when he was a undergrad at Rutgers . He wanted me to design something for his event "Eargasms." It was a Valentine poetry event, and we wanted it to feel sexy yet have that old school jazzy feel to it.]

[This is a recent design, you guys may have already seen for Derrick L. Briggs Book Club. We decided we wanted to have these "ghosted" words that represented rumors. It has a very haunting feel, kinda like the feeling you may have when you hear a rumor about yourself.]

[what do you guys think?]

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


11. Antneya said...
Are you tucking yourself in your Superman briefs?

Ohhh yes! Taken photos like that, turns me on. I couldn't stop being brick! So I'm like, I don't want it hanging all out, so I pushed it down more towards my legs so it wouldn't be poking straight out. Hey is happens... I was scared to do it at first, but I'm grown!

12. Rodney asks...
If you were given the magical power to change just one thing, what would would you change? The sky's the limit!

Hmmm... I could always say world peace, but that wouldn't be a creative answer! I would want to create my own world! A place within my imagination where everything was mystical and magical. I would create purple animals and magenta birds... and the plants would talk, and the water would glow.... the people would have three eyes... spots... be half naked... floating around and singing... I don't know, just my own world little creation.

13. Professorgq asks...
What is your most unusual phobia?

I know I have one, but its not coming to me right away. I don't like cats, but I'm not afraid of them. I don't like balloons being popped around me. Ohh I know... ZOMBIES! I can't stand ZOMBIES, and its all Michael Jackson's Fault... damn Thriller! I can't take it! Resident Evil... tried playing that game. I didn't get past the first 30 seconds of it. Yeah no Zombies for me! I just don't like things chasing me that have no control and can't be reasoned with.

14. Georgia Peach asks...
How many women have you been with?

Been with like dated? Have sex? Liked? I liked a lot of girls. A lot of girls didn't like me. I have come to realize that I'm just too short for some girls, and its cool.

I did have a couple of girlfriends, but had one major girlfriend in the 10th grade. Alnisha. sigh. I really loved her at the time, we dated for close to a year. I could get her off just by sucking on her ear. That was fun!

I never had sex with a girl before, but I have fingered one... it wasn't that bad. I like seeing her get off. I remember titty-fucking her and she was like "Shawn, don't cum on my face..." and all I would say is, "SHUT UP!" I never did though.

What's weird was, I never liked her dressing like a boy. Oh well. She didn't have a lot of confidence in high school, and I wasn't attracted to that. Maybe that's why I like men? I don't know!

15. Dayne Avery asks...
If there was one food that you had to eat everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be? (and dont say french fries cuz I read the blog)

I really enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... speaking of which, let me get one right now...

16. lj asks...
um do you like alligators?

Ummm no, what kind of question is that? Do you like Alligators? DAMN! :)

17. Paula D ask...
What is the most scandalous thing you have ever done with another person?

Alright, I'll be honest. I have had sex with someone while someone else was watching me, actually a couple of people were watching. It was fun, lol.

Sometimes you just have to have fun with sex, and sometimes you have to keep it private and intimate with your man. If anything else, it brings spice into your love life!

18. 4gotten1 asks...
If you died today how do you want to be remembered?

I was on my way home today, and I saw that someone had made a shrine on the street of someone that pasted away. There where cards, flowers, photos, candles, signed shirts... it was real sad. It made me realize that when you die, all that is left behind is the love and effect you have on people. Not your job, not your accomplishments, none of that matters anymore.

It's what you do with your job, your accomplishment, and how it can help someone else that matters. The love you have for those people is what really stays. I want to be remembered for uplifting & spreading GOD's Legacy of Love to all my family and friends.

19. Cash asks...
Which 3 bloggers would you go on a date with?

Of course I am not going to answer that questions, since I do have a boyfriend. But I will say that I have dated a blogger before. There was one blogger that I was very infatuated with... actually because he reminded me of the blogger that I dated. I think there are a lot of good looking and intelligent bloggers... but I'm all about the Fuzz!

20. Captain Cabinet asks...
What do you see the gay culture will be in the next 10 years?

I really beleive the cure for HIV or AIDS is in the near future. Either people can prevent themselves from getting the virus, or find away to get rid of the virus from infected people. This will bring the gay culture to another turning point. We will either be more consious of the sexual acts we presue ourselves in, or turn into sex-crazed beings further being isolated from human society. Which will you choose?

21. luvin me asks...
This is actually 2 questions in one...If you could do one big thing for someone special to you, who would you choose? and what would you do?

Buy my Momma a house, and decorate and style it just for her in a reality tv show!

22. Professorgq asks...
If quizzed, what topic do you think you can outsmart almost any blogger about?

Anything and Everything TLC!

23. kristen asks...
ever cheated or plaigarized in school?

cheated? yes! plaigarized? no!

24. Dayne Avery asks...
Whats your fantasy?

Sexual Fantasy? An intimate moment under a waterfall!

25. 4gotten1 asks...
How would your friends best describe you?

I don't know, probably something bad! Let's ask them:

ShawnQt: How would you describe me?
Omar: physically? or in terms of your character?
ShawnQt: anything
Omar: beautifully authentic, refreshingly complete.
ShawnQt: ooooh yeah, that's going on the blog!
Omar: LOL

ShawnQt: How yould you describe me?
Quaheem: --------
ShawnQt: (awaiting for QuaQua to come back)
Quaheem: hmmmm... sorry, I was on the phone.
Quaheem: I'm going to use adjectives.
Quaheem: passionate....faithful....hospitable...thoughtful....loyal...sensual...
Quaheem: those are what I could come up with....I am sure there is more..but I'd have to spend more time around you
ShawnQt: so you can see the bad side of me, lol
Quaheem: If u have a bad side it means you are beautiful. Beautifully human
ShawnQt: See that's why I like you!

ShawnQt: how would you describe me?
Unconquerable Soul: Hmmmm
Unconquerable Soul: Well, I would say a talented, mature, humble, caring, confident, freaky young black man
ShawnQt: Alright now!

Mr ShawnQt: how would you describe me?
Fuzzy: practical, intelligent, witty, handsome, creative, artful, funny, dedicated, patient, sexy of coarse, caring, understanding, empathetic, sympethetic
ShawnQt: wow... anything bad?
Fuzzy: uhhhh... hold on a sec
ShawnQt: (Awaiting to see if I have to kick his azz!)
Fuzzy; Nope, not at the moment
Shawn (wink)

26. reddman asks...
What question did no one ask... but you want to answer?

Let me think... Have you ever gotten the Holy Ghost?

Actually I think I got the Holy Ghost on Easter! I am not a religious person at all, and I just started going to chuch since I have been with Fuzzy. I actually went recently to see Fuzzy sing, and I was so scared, I had to leave early. It was just very overwhealming! It felt like being at a rock concert, everyone knows the songs, and dancing up and down, and your like... what is going on! So on Easter, I had my moment at home. I always wanted to let go, and I did. I put my IPOD on, played some gospel songs Fuzzy sent me, and was PRAISING THE LORD! LIFTING HIM UP, SINGING ABOUT HOW INCREDIBLE JESUS IS, AND HOW FAITHFUL GOD IS! I WAS SINGING SO LOUD, AND STOMPING... CLAPPING... CRYING! I LET GO, AND IT FELT GOOD!

So my grandmother is banging on my door and she thought something was wrong with me... she said she has been trying to call me and no one would answer, and she just heard me screaming. The floor was shaking... she thought I was either drunk, high, crazy... or was having the holy ghost.

I guess it was the latter. :)

[Thanks GOD!]


Monday, April 10, 2006


"Ohhh yeah, It's my birthday! Going to Ipod it like it's my Birthday!"

Yo! I'm like so excited. As a birthday gift to me, I decided to finally get my IPOD!

Look at it! Isn't it beautiful? I got the 30 GB Black IPOD Video. I been waiting for months to get this badboy. I went with my boyfriend to get it. He actually got it for me for a reasonable discount price [40 Bucks off!!!] Always good to date somebody with connections! I'm going to be an IPOD freak! If anyone has one, and has any tips for me, let me know! You know, have IPOD talk, lol. Right now I'm just waiting for the music to finish loading from Itunes.

On the side note: I'm glad everyone enjoyed the last post, LOL. NO MORE PARTIES FOR AWHILE! [ok maybe tommorrow since its American Idol night] But no more Major Parties! I'm suppose to be writing a story for Derrick L. Briggs Book Club, but I don't know how to start my story. I guess it will come to me. I'm also trying to find a way to get to Blogtopia's Power Couple: Bobby & Rodney's get together later on this month... [I'm trying ya'll!] I miss talking to Trent Jackson. I don't have his new number saved on my cell phone, so I can't keep up with him as I usually do. Call me on my Cell! I'm so going to download the porno Valentino mentioned! That's hot him & Red are getting together! Have you guys been to Heartbreaker's blog lately? Talk about KILLER ABS! Hey Stone! Why didn't you come to my party? On top of that, LARRY D... Why didn't you come to my party? I know you all stuck up in a hotel getting your birthday cookies milked... but hit a brotha up! Ladynay thanks for the gift!

[YES! I am so stalling until my ipod is loaded]

I just ate a Whopper Junior... I'm still hungry. I always get it with no onions... I can't stand onions! I had some chinese food earlier...


OK, I'm out! About to go listen to my tunes, holla at ya later! If you have an IPOD, hit me up!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Last Saturday, was my boyfriend's birthday slumber party. Interesting enough, our birthdays are one week apart. It's really interesting dating another Aries. It always seems like there is a lot of sexual energy around us. I don't mind. He is so sexy to me... that's Fuzzy!

Here is me smiling for the camera! Hey ya!

What up Kid! This is Darren, Me, and Fuzzy. Me and Darren were bugging out all night remembering our huge crushes on "The Boys". Ya remember them, 4 cute lil' boys singing about "Dial My Heart" & "You got me going Crazy!" We downloaded some of there songs was was getting down. Did you know they had four albums!

Hey My Omar! Omar always ready for the camera. That's because he knows the photo is going up on my blog... I'm going to get him looking crazy one day! For now he's looking sexy as hell in red!

Most of the night consisted of us watching X-Men 2 and playing board games. We all played "7 Deadly Sins" That game is crazy! People kissing on people! Me humping a pillow like I was mating with a slug! Fuzzy going crazy like a Angry Bear after his cubs! Omar acting like Whitney on Crack! Seems like Ms. Butterworth was the joke of the night! I was rolling!

Here's Fuzzy with his Ice cream Cake! He didn't think he was getting a cake, since I already had two cakes still in the Fridge, but he had to have his own cake. It was quite good too.

Here is my baby's present...

I got him some flavored condoms, an invisible pen, a talking photo frame, a flashlight keychain, a bracelet that says "Strength" on it, Memoirs of a Geisha (The first movie we ever saw), and the Tyler Perry Boxset with all his plays! He loved them all! We watching Madea's Family Reunion later on that night.

See that's what he gets for drinking and acting a fool!

Someone had the bright idea of who ever fell asleep, we would put lotion on them... well of course Fuzzy ALWAYS falls asleep first, so we got it right where the sun don't shine! So, he wanted to get even! We tried to get Darren, but he was too good... but we got my boy Ra later... then it seemed like they got me as well! Payback is a B*tch! How come Omar didn't get lotioned down? Hmmm.

In the morning we all decided to eat Fruity Pebbles and Frosted Flakes.

This is Ra, doing his "I want some Fruity Pebbles" dance!

Hey Ty! Is it good?

This is me and Fuzzy, looking sexy in the morning! I know I said I was going to take down photos of me in my underwear, but I can't help it! LOL. This is the last one I promise. But my baby does look sexy though... We had a great time! Happy Birthday Fuzzy!


Why the heaven you got that damn picture of you with your underwear showing? Take that damn picture down! Your momma taught you better then that! You get a little attention, and get beside yourself! Take that damn picture down! You 26 damn years old, ACT LIKE IT! Your a brotha with class and intelligence, and here you are ho'ing yourself on your blog



Monday, April 03, 2006


1. In The Mix With Trent asks...
Shawn. My question is are we ever going to get to see you naked in your pool?

What pool are you talking about? The Pool on my blog? NEVER! I will never pose naked on my blog. What do you guys take me for! Always tasteful! I think I have always taken very seductive photos since I have been online. You have to remember I used to be considered a "nerd" for most of my life, so I feel like I'm playing catch up. The photo at the top [THAT WAS TAKEN DOWN!] was taken when I was 18 or 19. I did a photoshoot with this guy, and they turned out really nice, but he was so trying to get in my pants! I wasn't attracted to him at all, and he ended up jerking off while I was putting my clothes on. I couldn't tell him to stop, it was his house! Just a warning to those of you thinking about getting some photography done... try to be mindful of peoples intent! I'll post some more photos later [NO THE HEAVEN YOU WON'T! THIS AIN'T ADAM4ADAM!]... but not NAKED! YA'LL NASTIES!

2. Bougie Black Boy asks...
If you weren't at your current job, what would you rather be doing?

I would be a music video director! I always could listen to music and envision things in my head. My mind is very visual. I have DREAMS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I remember them all to. I think Hype Williams and Paul Hunter are good directors. I used to write up video treatments for artist all the time in high school. Sometimes I would hear a new song on the radio, think of what the video could look like, and be so disappointed that it didn't live up to the vision in my head, lol. I used to watch music videos a lot... remember VIDEO JUKEBOX? I would never order the videos, just wait till someone else did it!

3. Terrance said...
My question: Who is your best friend and what is the best and worse thing about him / her?

I would have to say my godbrother Malik & My Omar. I love Malik's personality. He is one of the craziest people I know. He's funny, attractive, and intelligent. We have a strong chemistry together when we hang out! What I dislike about him is his strong lack of other people's time! He's working on it though.
I love Omar's generosity. He is the most giving and helpful person I know. He knows how to make you smile, and make you feel like your the most special person in the world. What I dislike about him is that he doesn't know how to say "NO" to people that take advantage of him.

4. Valentino asks...
Where you get those underwear from?

H&M... I love underwear! They make me feel so fucking sexy! I love underwear on guys as well, such a turn on! Boxers, briefs, Thongs, Whatever! Love it!

5. Cash S. asks...
Would you date a fat guy?

I have before. He was sweet, and could write a poem like no other. What I didn't like about him was that he made his weight an issue more then I did. I'm attracted to confidence. I don't seek out "fat guys", but if one comes along, and there sexy, of course. But no sloppies though!

6. Ruben Porras asks...
What are your pet peeves?

There are only two things that really get to me! A slow computer and people being late! Uggh!

7. Epsilonicus ask...
What is one experience that you would say is life altering???

I would say me being turned down by this guy, who I thought was very attractive. He only wanted to be friends with me, but I still tried to pursue him on a sexual level. He told me to leave his house by the time he got out of the shower. I was very upset!
Why I was so desperate! I started writing in a notebook on his bed, writing to GOD to send me a sign, and make this ok. GOD did, as I started drawing out the phoenix bird. It was then that I was "reborn", and it made me the spiritual person I am today!

8. Antneya asks...
If there was a pill that could make you straight, would you consider taking it?

Let me first state that being homosexual to me has been a blessing! I don't think I would make a really good heterosexual anyway, lol. I think women are so beautiful, but I don't think women ever looked at me the same way. I don't think I am at the standard that most women would want in a man physically. I'm only going by my experiences. I have tried to get with girl after girl, and only one was really into me. Yet, when I started dating guys, I got SOOO much attention, I was like, where is this coming from? lol. If I was given a pill now to make me straight, I would pass.

Why? I have been so into men for so long, it would make it hard to be with a woman now. I wouldn't even know what to do first. I would feel like a 13 year old boy trying to get with a 25 year old woman.

Sometimes I wish my life was easier, and maybe living a heterosexual life would solve that, but I doubt it would. I am me, and you just have to love it! Besides, I don't use drugs, lol.

9. LUVIN ME asks...
Do you believe in soul mates?

I want to say yes. But for some reason I feel hesitant. What is a soul mate? Someone that you will spend your life with forever? Some one you have a deep spiritual connection with? Do they have to be lovers or friends? Has GOD really created one special person for all of us? What if you find that person, and then you break up with them... will GOD send you another soul mate?
Let me think about that more... See got me all thinking now!

10. 4gotten1 asks...
Knowing what you know about yourself, Would you date You?

I'm fine as hell, of course! LOL, on the real... NO! Don't get me wrong, I think I have GREAT QUALITIES to date! But I am more passive, I want someone that is more aggressive, because I feed off there energy. I want to be intrigued by other people's thinking besides my own. I like to be on my toes, don't want to be with someone that is predictable. At least the dick size won't be a problem!


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