[adult swim]

Saturday, February 25, 2006


It's like rocking the boat
as you stroke it for me
your azz intensifies
as my fingers go deep... deep
but there ain't no time to sleep

Let me and you become wet
drowning in the scent of you
from balls to crawls
of my fingertips across your nips

Your like the coast
and all I want to do is reach shore
and explore for treasure
and ecstasy beyond measure

You got my dick on float
touching the sky
as if it was reaching cloud 9
or is that my size?

You got me ready
man on board holding steady
pulsating hurricane waves
not even the lifeguard can save

Let me swim in it
navigate and submerge in it
turn you around and repeat it
stroke it back and forth until you scream for it

And when you blow your hole
and let your water fall
think of me and remember
who made your man go overboard



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