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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Smack it up, Flip it, Rub it down... Ohhhh Nooo!

"You can do me in the morning, you can do me in the night, you can do me when you want to do me."
-Bell Biv Devoe

Yo, this use to be my joint back in the day. Wasn't Bell Biv Devoe like the male version of TLC, or was TLC the female version of Bell Biv Devoe? Both of there albums sound the same. I guess that was the style back in the day [starts dancing old school] This is my joint right here!

Anyway, I'm just over here waiting for the pancakes to get ready. I'm over my boy's house, we are having a "gay sleepover". You know, do each other hair and nails and talk about boys, LOL. Actually we just chilled, bugged out, watched movies in our boxers. You know everyone was trying to cope there free feels. [and no, we didn't have an orgy, I don't partake in those, although I wouldn't mind watching] I got on a black tank top and some heart shaped boxers. They are cute. My boy got a digital cam, I should take a picture of them real quick. Ya would like that wouldn't ya, NASTIES! LOL. Later on, we are all going to head to NYC and just do some sightseeing, like we never been to New York before. We're weird like that.

Actually I'm pretty happy right now. My apartment is coming out sooooo good. I have like the sexiest bed ever. I got a few things from IKEA yesterday, and on Sunday I'm going to do a lot of touch-up painting. Dare I say it, the apartment should be ready by the end of AUGUST! Hollllaaaa! WE will see, I don't want to Jinx it.

Once I get my internet back up, or find a constant place to blog, I'm going to take this thing to a whole other level. I'm so Anxious [insert Ginuwine here], I have sooo much to talk about, and so much not to talk about, I'm ready.

Ohhh, the pancakes are ready, so let me "throw down", and remember...

Never trust a big butt and a smile!

"This is for the Nasties, Ya so Nasty!" LOL, I still love ya though.

"This is for my peoples, I miss ya!"

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Superheros ready to save the day!
Superman, Phoenix, Flash, and yours truly, Green LanternQt

The Gay Superheros take photos with sailors.

Yes its me! Holla!


By the way, check out this wonderful event, and the beautiful designed flyer Larry D. Lyons provided for the event...

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