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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

By the Power of Gayskull?

Yo, I love this picture, this is sooooo funny. I know everyone says that my all-time favorite superhero was gay but, he's still the greatest. Sure he had huge muscles, rock hard nipples, and ran around half-naked in loincloth. So What, that don't make you GAY! And yes, when he was Adam, he did wear a purple vest and pink tights, and acted like a little bitch. That don't make you GAY! And YES, he hung around a bunch of other half-naked dudes who had sexually suggestive names like Ram-Man and Fisto. But, That don't make you... Never Mind. Hell... the picture speaks for itself, Bow is getting it on with He-Man! You remember Bow, he was She-Ra's bestfriend. Now he was GAY!

Monday, October 18, 2004

I Fucked Up!


I made another mistake at work. I don't know what to do. I am trying my hardest to make sure I look over everything I design, and I try to stay on top of everything that I read and send out. But it is always one thing after another, but hey, that's the design business. One small mistake can cost a lot of money, and we aren't allowed any.

Now I will say this. I don't make the same mistakes twice, and I do have other people proofread and look over my work, but when a mistake misses someone else's eyes, the designer is always to blame. So, I own it and accept it, and I never blame anyone else.

"All Humans make mistakes, no one is perfect", everyone says. Of course I think to myself, "BUT I AM PERFECT!"

[inner self slaps me silly. twice.]

Ok, so I'm not perfect, but I really need to be more on top of my stuff. The best advise I have given myself is:

1) Stop calling yourself stupid and that your a bad designer, because in the end, you have your great looks to carry you through life.... and your really not that stupid and a bad designer.

2) Own it and Accept it. Crying about that shit is only going to make you look like a punk-ass bitch, and no one wants to work with a punk-ass bitch!


3) Take it as an experience to do better next time. If he hasn't fired you yet, you still have a few more months to suck up enough for him to forget about it... Of course until you make another mistake, which your going to make it, because your only human.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Victory is Mine!

Stewie is my Idol! He is the 1-year-old baby from Family Guy with one single goal: Total World Domination.

When I was a little, I always wanted to rule the world. I don't know why. I guess because I was so short, and felt like I was so much more intelligent then everyone else. Everyone under my tyranny could only benefit from my greatness. My secret plan was to plant powerful explosives in M&M's and launch them among the innocent until all the country's governments bowed down, and inherit me as the world's supreme ruler. Ahhhh the victory! Explode & Destroy in your mouth, not in your hands, you bitch's... HA HA HA!

[sorry. I'm silly and deranged.]

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Oh My God, I can't Swim!

Why didn't anyone tell me being an adult was hard?

Ok sure, my mom said something about responsibility, and taking life seriously. And maybe she said something about kicking me out the house if I didn't go to college, and have a good career, that pays good money, so that I can pay her back for all the long hours of labor she had to endure bringing me into this god-forsaken world. And don't forget the countless years of raising a knucklehead like me who rather draw lil cartoon characters then play sports, and become a star athlete, or get good grades, and become a doctor, or a lawyer, or both! Ok, yes she told me that college would be expensive, I needed a bank account, so that people wouldn't steal money out of my sock drawer, get a driver's liceanse, because taking the bus in the winter is a bitch, and to learn how to cook with the stove, and not the microwave, because TV dinners will not last forever.

yeah. Being an adult is hard... And I can't even swim. I know, I'm sorry. I admit it, I can't swim. I almost drowned one time. jumped on my cousin's back. She couldn't swim either. I should have known. The lifeguard saved me that time. Thank you lifeguard, for saving my life, and letting me live to become an adult.


damn that lifeguard, this is all his fault! Sigh...

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