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Sunday, February 27, 2005


This brotha is called Temptation. Tempting isn't he?

Now mostly all my friends know, I love strippers. Fine Azz Brothas, doing there thing, for your sexual fantasies. The Body, the Dick, the Azz... DAMN! I have always been turned on by exotic dancers.

[don't get it confused with amateur go-go boys trying to get a quick dollar, they don't do nothing for me]

Well last night my god brother and best friend, MALIK, came up from Philly to chill, and have us a good time. We asked a few people to join us, but everyone was buzy, so it was just me and him. It's always cool hanging out with him, because he is a very, ummm... "Animated" character. He brings out that, wild & fun loving side out of you. I was styled in this orange & white T-shirt, some baggy jeans, with my Super-Man underwear underneath, red & white sneakers, Black cap, and my black leather coat. I was looking good, feeling good, YOU KNOW! LOL.

So we drive to this spot in THE VILLAGE, where they have a stripper show. This is my third time hitting this spot up, but my first time actually seeing the show. So we get in, and it is mad packed. Brothas wall to wall. When you go up there, everyone is looking at you, feeling your vibe, and it can be intimidating at times. Yet tonight, for some reason, I blocked them all out, and was just cool with mine. Now MALIK, he is a really good looking dude, a lot of people like him. He's like the prettyboy type, but when he goes into these clubs, he gets soooooo SHY! I could never understand it.

Temptation is one of the dancers at the show.

So we are standing by the stage, waiting for the strippers to come out. We are right up front, and sometimes that is not the best spot to be in, because they will snatch you up quickly and start dancing all over you. MALIK didn't want to be in the front, lol. So I stood there, just chillin & waiting. Pretty excited, because you know, I love strippers. So the show starts, and one by one, these Fine Azz Brothas, make it to the stage, one by one doing there thing! One dude was real built. He was a Chocolate brotha. His body was on point. He wore like this mask, so no one could tell if he had a sexy face. So he takes this dude, starts humping him from the back and the guy is just throwing back on him. They was serious on that stage. The funny part about it is, the guy getting humped by the stripper, had these really long azz nails, and everyone just keep yelling, "DON'T BREAK A NAIL". That was hilarious. So the guy takes his mask off, and dude was tight. He actually got up on a platform, and took his dick out of this thong. It was HUGE! That was it for me. I was good after that, lol.

So each dancer did there thing, and actually most of them were really good. Grinding on the floor, popping that booty, swinging there dicks from left to right, feeling all over brothas, of course by this time, I was HORNY AS HELL. Now I am not one to give a dollar to stripper. I just look, you know. But there was this one dancer. His name was USHER, and lord and behold, he looked JUST LIKE Usher. He was just a little skinnier, and had hazel eyes. He was real tight. During his show, he just kept looking at me, like he wanted me. Of course, they do that to everyone that's in the front row. I didn't think nothing of it. But when all the dancers came back for the "Turn off all the lights" session, I admit, I went to the bar to get change for a five. LOL.

[warning: explicit thoughts in the next paragraph]

So USHER comes over to me, with this look again. This time, I just feel into the fantasy, and said, let me just flow with this. He had on this army fatigue jacket, a thong, and some timbs. He's looking at me, and starts to lick his lips. I pull out my dollar, and kind wave it so that he knows he can do his thing with me. He shakes his head, and comes over to me. So he puts his hands up, and slowly dances, just swaying his dick in my face. So I take my hand, dollar in hand, and rub it down his oiled up chest, abs, down to his thong. I grab his dick, and he wasn't hard, but the brotha was still packing, and it was a good size to feel on, even semi-hard. My hand makes it to his azz, and I start grabbing & squeezing it, and going up and down his legs. I will admit, I was feeling it for real. I go back up his chest, and he starts to put his arms around me. He goes down the back of my pants, and starts feeling on my azz. He then whispers to me, "I saw your underwear, when you lifted up your shirt in the back earlier, and they was cute. You have a nice azz." I'm like shocked he saw them, and was just fully in the fantasy. He wanted me, as much as I wanted him. I slowly put the dollar down his thong, getting one last feel of his dick, and for 30 seconds, I had USHER. He winked at me, smiled, and danced away.

Ok, now I am realllllllly HORNY AS HELL. Me and MALIK stayed for like another hour, and headed out. Both of us, HORNY, and didn't know how to deal with it. I thought about heading to Brooklyn to see my HEART, but I really didn't want to travel so late at night, and I didn't have the proper winter attire. So MALIK had the idea of going to the PORNO SHOP. So we go in, and I'm looking for a DVD, while my he's looking for a BOOTH to head in. Now, the BOOTH shows pornos inside for like a couple of minutes, and sometimes a secret door opens, and you can see the other person next to you jerking off. Not my thing, but hey, I knew how he was feeling, "So go do your thing playboy." Rather go in a booth, then have sex with some random dude, you know? Actually while waiting for him, I saw one of my ex's waiting to get in the BOOTH as well. I was surprised to see him there, especially since he didn't seem like the type that would do that, but HEY! We talked for a minute while MALIK was doing his thing, lol. He actually didn't really get a chance to do anything, so I got my DVD for like 10 bucks, so we just bounced.

So now, I get home, tired & horny as hell, so I'm like, "Let me pop this DVD in real quick." Now the box had black people on it, but all the actors are WHITE! No offense to white people, but I don't like them sexually, and I was PISSED, and Still HORNY AS HELL, LOL.

Over all, it was a good night, me and MALIK had fun, and it was an experience, we may never do again, yet who knows. I went to sleep, still horny as hell. Damn strippers, they are such a tease, but I still love them.

Monday, February 21, 2005


AND YES... I want this couch. It's Brown. Chocolate. Leather. Sexy.
I love it! I can match it up with so many things. Dress it up, or mono-tone it down, I am in LOVE with this coach. It's not a bad price. Around 700 bucks, and it fits perfectly with my style. Did I tell you, I LOVE THIS COACH! I was sitting on it, and its so comfortable. It's just sexy. MANNNN I want this coach!

[back to reality]

I can't afford this coach.

I have so much to save up for, it is not going to fit in my budget.
But hey, you never know. My birthday is coming up.

Hint, Hint!

[EDIT: speaking of leather, I had to sneak this photo in]

Hollywood superstars Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez square up in sexy leather catsuits to take on David Beckham in a new Pepsi ad. The voluptuous beauties donned the skintight outfits to play the roles of undercover agents on a mission through Hong Kong in the ad, which is said to have cost $1 million. Described as 'Kill Bill meets Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon', the pop superstars have a fight with Becks, who plays a kendo expert. The new ad will air in 170 countries next week.

Monday, February 14, 2005


This is me as a "Sim" in one of my favorite video games, Sims 2.

1. Tackling my sister down, and tickling her till she laughs hysterically.
2. Watching the Guys take there shirts off on Soul Food.
3. Creating a really good design, and the client is "Loving It."
4. Feeling a sense of inspiration from Life.
5. Eating an Italian Cheeseburger with extra ketchup.
6. Making my friends and family do weird things in Sims 2.
7. Playing with my nipples in public.
8. Writing a poem that just comes together.
9. Reading a really good spiritual book.
10. Chowing down at good ol' IHOP.
11. Watching America's Next Top Model with my Mom.
12. Having really hot phone sex.
13. Watching the Home & Garden Channel.
14. Talking to GOD, and GOD talking back.
15. Family fighting over German Chocolate Cake.
16. Watching old episodes of Masters of the Universe.
17. Watching someone strip down to a G-string.
18. Someone creating artwork inspired by me.
19. Always knowing that I will always be a positive person.

and the last one, drum roll please...

20. Thank God for French Fries!

Happy Valentines Day! You don't need no man!

[yet one in a g-string would be nice right about now]

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