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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Legacy in "some guy's" hands

This is TLC. The Biggest Selling Female Group of All Time.
They have 4 multi-plantinum albums, that pushed the envelope on style, music, pop-culture, and unlifted lives through out there journey. These are my girls, Ya not feeling me! I have been a major fan of TLC almost half of my life. I have various TLC influences running through me, its crazy.

I bring all this up, because ever since the passing of Left Eye, the TLC Legacy has been going downhill. Especially after seeing something online I wasn't pleased with. Above is a photograph of TLC in 1996, during the Grammy Awards. These outfits were made in TLC fashion. Sexy, Creative, and stylish. They won Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "Creep", and Best R&B Album for "CrazySexyCool" in these outfits. These are iconic because, even when they was going through bankruptcy, they still came out, and came out in confidence.

Now these beautiful designs belong to... "Some guy."

How the fuck did "some guy" get one of the most iconic fashions in TLC History! Seems that Left Eye owned them as apart of her estate. The Lopes Family needed to buy Left Eye's recording studio, so to help with the cost, some of TLC's outfits went up for auction. So instead of putting these in some kind of archive, or even still, having a truly dedicated fan [like my crazysexycool self] to cherish them, "some guy" has them, hung up by some dingy screen door, with some weird looking cartoon spider next to it. I'm pissed as hell, the TLC Legacy should not go down like this!!!

[sigh... just had to vent.]

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  • OHhh I definitely feel you!!! I WAS the biggest TLC fan!! I still love my girls but, I agree the legacy is not being handled right...

    And I had a poster of them in those outfits right above my bed for about 3 years...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, feel free to come by anytime.

    By Blogger Liza Valentino, at 11:40 PM  

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