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Friday, December 24, 2004

Bring It On! Give me the Keys!

So it's Christmas Eve, and since yesterday I have finished all my shopping. I wanted to enjoy my day off of work in peace... Silence... And lazy sleeping. So of course my Mom waits till the last minute.

Mom: "Shawn, I need you to pick up a present for Jasmine."

Now we have two family members with the same name. [Jazmine my sister, and Jasmine my cousin] We also have two members named Brenda. [My Mother and my cousin] And of course Gary [My Uncle, and 3 of my cousins, which are also also his sons. Why they are all named Gary baffles me]

Seems that my cousin Jasmine [age 8] wants to be a cheerleader. So we decide to get her the Bring it On Movie. Now, I know that movie way to much to admit on this blog, but fuck it. I used to own the first and biggest fansite on the group Blaque [who is featured in the movie] back when I was younger, so I saw the movie a gazillion times. The site has closed down, since the group since broke up. All Natina's fault! [also known as the Left Eye from TLC Wannabe] I still love their music, but what can you do. It is a good movie though.

So my mom doesn't want to go. My stepfather doesn't want to go. It's all left up to me. Now, I have had my license for 2 months now, and never drove the car without my parents. But today, I had to take the trek... ALONE. [with my stepbrother of course, but he's only 9]
So you know what I said...

"Bring it On! Give me the Keys!"

So we drive to Blockbuster which is like 30 minutes away. [i damn sure wasn't going to any type of walmart, k-mart, or any "mart" on christmas eve] It was pretty simple. I was extra careful on turns, since last time I drove on the sidewalk. [don't laugh, like you never did it] The only confusing part is I keep going into the turning lane when I wanted to go straight, and no one wants to let me back in. Ugghh. Parking was free for the Holidays so I was thanking the "Parking gods" heavily today. So we get back, with the movie in hand, and we made it back safe and sound. [would you have have expected anything less. I am the man!]

And since I am the the man... for your blog viewing pleasure, here is a photo of me and the beautiful ladies of Blaque. Don't hate!

[from Left to Right: Brandi, Shawn, Tia, Shamari, Natina eating chicken, one of my friends, and some gay guy I know. This picture was taken at a promotional concert at a local mall. I told them about the website, and they were excited to take a photo with us. Natina was stingy with the chicken.]


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