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Monday, November 01, 2004


For the first time in my adult life, I lost my wallet. I felt I lost my life and my identity! All my money, driver's license, bus card, and other important credentials all gone, and nowhere to be found. It took a strong part of my spirit to remain calm and not go ballistic.

[ score: shawn 0, adult life 1]

So I'm like, yeah I lost a lot of money, but I can get the money back. I can go to Motor vehicle, and just get another ID. Cool. Of course I just bought the bus card, but hey, I need to get around. Plus, I'm still good looking, and I have my health. That my friends, is good pro-active thinking!

[score: shawn 1, adult life 1]

Now, here is where it gets serious. I have to vote tomorrow, and I need a photo ID. I get off of work at 5:30, and the Motor Vehicle closes at 7:00. It takes an hour and a half to get there.

[score: shawn 1, adult life 1, bush 1]

Now I for damn sure, will not let Bush win! So I realized that there is a bus that can get me to Motor Vehicle there in 40 minutes. Holla! So I get there, get my 6 points of ID ready, get in line, and as soon as I'm about to get my driver's license again... I don't have 11 dollars to pay for it!

[score: shawn 1, adult life 2, bush 1]

So I'm thinking I can go in the morning before work... but they're closed on Election Day!

[score shawn 1, adult life 2, bush 2]

So I call my Mom (god bless her), and she has one of my family members bring me some money. So I finally get my license, and now can VOTE!

[score shawn 3, adult life 2, bush 2]

Isn't Adult Life Grand! Thanks Mom, again!



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