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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

TSUNAMI: The Spiritual Ramifications

Over 44,000. Gone. Homes destroyed. Families separated. Countries in complete despair. 44,000... Gone... In one day. I can't help to think back to my Baptist teachings and the stories of God's wrath taken away the supposed "wicked". I can't help to think back to the thousands of times Christians have said we are living in the "last days." I can't even help but to ask my GOD why this happened to them.

I asked these questions on 9/11, and I ask these questions again. What will happen to the world's spirituality after this?

What will the Asian and Indian people say? Is this a result of bad karma? Has there lives been so disconnected to there spirituality that 44,000 people paid the cost? What will the Christians say? If the people in these countries believed in the Biblical God and accepted Jesus Christ as there lord and savior, maybe this wouldn't have happened to them? Or is this a Christian opportunity to spread their theology that GOD is indeed Wrathful and that if we do not shape up, we will go to hell. Or maybe the Devil is to blame. We can always blame it on the Devil. Who's fault is it? The deities of India and Asia? GOD? Jehovah? Yahweh? Allah? Lucifer? Our Sins? Us? Can we as human beings allow ourselves just say this is just a random occurrence of nature, nothing more?

Here is an Indian woman mourning the death of her relative in Cuddalore, south of the Indian city of Madras. Her pain and sadness, implores me to write this. While Sunday I was watching, "Meet the Fockers", unaware of this tradegy, 44,000 people died. I now have to come to terms with My God, and My Spirit, and align myself with what my soul needs to do in relation to this occurrence in human history. All I can say is, no matter what religion or non-religion you practice, maybe it would help if we all did the same.


  • i belive that natural disaster happens to remind us that there are the greatest power of all.. and that is God.. for whatever religion you are, i think it means the same.. God want to remind us that we are just human being.. soo small and fragile in the hands of God.. that's why we should stay near God and believe it.. maybe we (as a whole) have done something that's soo bad until the God feel the need to remind us to be good, otherwise God will punish us all..
    i have so much to say about this but somehow i cant get it through my mouth and fingers at the moment.. but i believe that with all the bad things that has been happening to our beloved world is to make me, specially, to be more and more close with God.. there's only 1 thing we should scare of.. and that is God.. my God, your God, the God that we believe in..

    By Blogger Akemi Hearts, at 11:56 PM  

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