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Thursday, May 12, 2005


"This is me, a co-worker, and a client of mine taking a photo during a company dinner. I am the one on the far right just in case some of you have never seen my fine, sexy, and intelligent self. I need to stop being so damn cocky."

I was reading back on some of my past blog entries and was wondering... I talk about going to the circus, going out on romantic dates, even partying with strippers. While I love every minute of it, I do work, you know! So I wanted to share a few recent experiences I had working as a Graphic Designer at the company I work for.

The kid is like 17, still in high school, Black and Hispanic, and even though nobody can touch my boyfriend, the kid is pretty attractive. He's kinda built because he does karate, and he has like hazel/green like eyes. It was funny because, I'm interviewing the kid, trying be professional, and all I kept thinking was, are those his real eyes? Then I was wondering... Do people usually hire people that are attractive even if there work is not all that? Does being attractive make you get jobs easier? For me, I need the help, and I don't care how cute you are, if you can't design, you don't have a job. So the kid is on a trial run, but having another attractive person around the office doesn't hurt.

I have these two clients that get on my nerves! Every time they call, the secretary says, "Mr. Simon, your best friend, is on line one", or "Mr. Daryll, your best friend, is on line two." They just won't leave me alone. "Hey Scott, when is my job going to be done?" MY NAME IS SHAWN DUMBASS! He always asking me when his stuff is going to be done. WHEN ITS DONE, DAMN! Once I finish designing it, it goes into production. I already told you when you would get it, so why are you calling me every day asking me! Ugghhh. Then there's Mr. Daryll. Now Daryll is a nice guy, but he wants to be a designer. You can't have me making every small change imaginable. Do you know your paying for this? Move this up. Move this down. Move this over a little bit. Noo, just put it back the way it was. Ughhhhh. Don't you have a business to run... so then let me do my job. I'm just venting.... breeeeeaaatthhhh.

I had the honor of designing the new company logo. We had to change the name of the company for legal reasons, so I was assigned to create the logo and the stationary package. The old logo was cool, but it seemed out-dated to me. So, we needed something creative, classic, vibrant and new! I think it came out really cool. The best part was doing the big huge sign in front. It Looks very professional. At least I know that if I ever leave, I can look back and know I did that.

[just want to say congratulations to my baby for graduating college, I'm so proud of him, sorry I can't take off work and see you, but think of me.]


  • Yay! He has a job! But, seriously, you look GREAT in that suit! Handle your business, black man.

    By Blogger Systa Soul, at 7:50 PM  

  • Look at you, all suited up and grown up like! It's ok, the job will be our secret. J/K

    So can you show us some pictures of your work?

    Congrats to the boyfriend for graduating! :)

    By Blogger coley, at 9:43 PM  

  • Thats hot. You're great. Tell your better half I said "How You Doin'?" and email me on the side about the graphic design tip. You know my second installment is coming soon...

    By Blogger Trent Jackson, at 11:25 PM  

  • you look great here. keep up the good work man!

    By Blogger Frank León Roberts, at 8:04 AM  

  • Yeah man! Where your designs at? Why you not sharing with us? I am down with checking those out too.

    By Blogger No4real4real, at 8:56 PM  

  • That is so cool that you're design is now the company logo. You will always look back and say "yeah, bitches, it did that!"

    Great job!

    By Anonymous tamrock, at 5:50 AM  

  • nice suit ;)

    And yes, the few times that I've had the opportunity to hire people, their appearance and presentation did factor into the decision... though not more heavily than their professional aptitude, of course.

    By Blogger Larry D. Lyons II, at 6:54 AM  

  • Congratz to another creative mind! Would like to see some of your work displayed sometime. I designed a logo for an advertising company I once art directed, and it haunts me to this day. Hope your experience goes better.

    By Blogger Don Tate II, at 9:10 AM  

  • another great post...cool blog...erik

    By Blogger Erik Mann, at 11:20 AM  

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