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Thursday, March 10, 2005


you shared a similar name like me
you wanted to be a designer like me
you was ambitious, fashionable, and handsome like me
you even liked men like me
yet when you went to meet the man of your dreams...

you didn't come back like me

Early on the morning of February 17, a transit authority maintenance worker came upon two legs and an arm stuffed in a bloody plastic bag jammed against the tunnel wall of the A line subway track, just north of the Nostrand Avenue platform. The hand’s fingerprints allowed authorities to identify the limbs as belonging to Rashawn Brazell, an aspiring Web designer who lived on Gates Avenue in Bedford Stuyvesant with his parents. The young man left on the morning of Valentine’s Day, ostensibly for a meeting with a tax preparer, and had made arrangements to also meet a man and go away for a few days. He never returned home.

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