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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yo, I'm really having a party!
I don't know about ya, but I'm like so excited. I haven't had a birthday party since I was in grade school, LOL! I wanted to do one for my 18th Birthday, but that didn't happen. Then I tried to have one for my 21st, and that didn't happen. So then I tired for my 25th... you guessed it, that didn't happen. So... why not 26! Alive, and I want to live it up!

I am really shocked at how many people are coming (My Friends & Bloggers)! Just waiting for the rest of the RSVP's to come in so I can find out much food I have to buy. Me, my boyfriend, My Omar, and my friend Brian finalized the menu, but I want to add some extra items to it. I'm always coming up with ideas!

I just came up with this idea called "The Strawberry Bounce" Dance Contest... yo, its going to be hot! Just use your imagination. Are you ready?

Cha Cha Heels & Pancakes!
I spent most of the weekend with my friends (around 6 of us), which was a lot of fun. Friday Night, me and My Omar went to see Clay Cane's play "Sex, God & Heels." It was so good, and very funny! I was really excited in meeting him. I love being around creative people! There were plenty of bloggers in attendance. Jamal Franklin, Bougie, Derrick Briggs, Prodigal Sun, & Nathan. I really enjoyed the last segment where Clay addressed the hypocrisy of the church and how people pick out sin for there own agenda. Funny & Amazing!

After we left there, we met up with my Boyfriend and friends, and went to IHOP and just chilled and bugged out. We saw our favorite waitress (Hey Girl!), and she came over and sat with us. We always attract the employees when ever we go out! After IHOP, we went to Pathmark to get some Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (which was on sale might I add), then headed to my house to watch ummm... "Harry Potter", LOL. I haven't seen any of them, so I'm trying to catch up so I can watch the 4th one.

Everyone left, but My Omar fell asleep on the coach. (I'm getting him a Futon soon!) Me and my Boyfriend, couldn't sleep for some reason, and stayed up doing, ummm "stuff." lol. I like doing "stuff" with my Baby! He got some good "stuff."

GOD SAVED US, How Incredible!
That Saturday morning, we all went to my Baby's choir rehearsal. This is the second time I have been. I'm not really a church person, but I do honor my past church upbringing. I'm also not a big gospel listener, but his choir is really good! They sang this song called "Incredible GOD", MAN I LOVE THIS SONG! I went home and downloaded and I listen to it all the time! It feels good to be a part of my boyfriend's passion. I just want to be there to support him. He has a couple of concerts coming up this week, so I'll make one or two of them. Even though we both experience the divine differently, we both respect our beliefs. He's not a hypocritical Christian, like many of the experiences I have had with some. He understands that everyone experiences GOD differently. He doesn't force me to go to church with him, and I'm cool with that.

After that, another friend of ours was having a birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, so we was heading out there, and we got into a Car Accident! Thank GOD no one was hurt, and there wasn't any major damage to either car. We was going straight, and the lady was on the other side of the road trying to turn at the intersection. It seemed like she either slowed down or stopped in the middle of the road... either way, we didn't stop in time and we hit her on the side. She got like a dent, and my boyfriend's car light won't come up. But we are alive! We were saved, GOD is so Incredible!

The worst part about the experience was that the cops took FOREVER to come! There was like 4 cop cars that rolled by, and we flagged them down, and they just keep going. One did stop, and just told us they would send out a car. HELLO, your the cops, PROTECT AND SERVE US! Then he drives off throwing a candy wrapper out the window! DAMN COPS! So we waited a hour and a half for the cops to come. Mind you, it was 5 of us in the car... quite cramped. We made the best of it though. Just joking and laughing. Interesting enough, the Cheesecake Factory had a 3 hour wait. So we all decided to just go to Applebees which was closer. Once again, we get there, and we always attract the employees to join us and bug out with us! My boy J, even flirted with our "male" waiter, so that we could bring the bill down some. That's Game!

After that, everyone was pretty tired, and we just headed home.

Now its Sunday morning, and I'm just trying to plan the events for the party. Figure out my budget. I'm going to be real with you guys. Remember I had a Housewarming Party a couple of months back? Did you know not one of my friends helped me out with anything for my apartment! (Except Key, he got me some really cool plates) It's cool, because I am not a materialistic person AT ALL! But I did need a little bit of help. So for my birthday, Im expecting SOMETHING! LOL. Like it says on the invite:


I don't want anyone to think I'm all about gifts, because just everyone coming and us experiencing each other is enough for me, but this time, I guess I do expect something. Does that make sense? I love all my friends, and they are always there for me!

Ladynaynay sent me an e-mail asking me what my wish list was. I don't know LOL.

I would be interested in some Gay Novels. Book about Spirituality, Jesus, & GOD. I LOVE ARTWORK! Maybe Something abstract that has some reds, greens, blues, & browns in it. I love when people make artwork for me. Homemade stuff is so fly! Some X-Men Posters would be TIGHT! The old X-Men Graphic Novels would be cool. I love Family Guy and Stewie of course! Dont own any of the DVDS of there past episodes. Stewie stuff makes me happy! I already have the stand-up, wallet, and pillow. Action-figures are my hobby, so I always love those. I really don't have a lot of stuff for the kitchen! Anything for my kitchen will make me happy... Especially cookbooks! Stuff from IKEA is cool. I'm a very creative person, so I like creative stuff!!!!! H&M is my favorite Clothing store! I'll take anything from there. Playstation 2 games I love. I love action-adventure games! I would love Prince of Persia 3 or God Of War. I don't turn down food! Gift cards are also great! Condoms and Lube are cool, LOL! I want my Godbrother to get me a PSP! He owes me, LOL!


Well let me finish up, I'm hungry, and I'm about to make me a peanut & butter sandwich!
Make sure you send me some questions in the post above!


  • I see the subliminal message re: the painting/artwork! I guess I need to create something good then before Saturday...

    By Blogger Bougie Black Boy, at 7:28 AM  


    When I get to NYC this summer, maybe there is a lunch or a drink with your name on it! It may be a late birthday gift, but its a gift nonetheless!

    By Blogger *Madosi, at 6:25 AM  

  • The New York bloggers have all the fun. The Chicago bloggers need to get together and hang out.

    By Blogger Cash S., at 7:03 PM  

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