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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Best Weekend!

Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who left a comment on my last post! Wow, 30 comments and over 1000 views!? That's what's up! I have been going through it for the last couple of weeks, just trying to get over this situation. Sometimes I feel guilty for liking another guy, but this other guy really makes me happy... and I have to move on with my life. I just hope that my ex is ok. So with that, let me tell you about my weekend.

I went to work late because my boss said I could come in later and get some rest since I stayed the night before. I was so excited about that. So I get to work, and everything was pretty simple. I'm working on a menu for a new restaurant, an invitation for an event in New York, and a cover for an Ad Journal. So at the end of the day, and I got my check and also my bonus check, so I was excited about that! More Money, More Money, More Money!

I headed to the Train Station to Meet My Omar, so that we can go to New York to do some shopping. I always enjoy Omar's company, we can go from a deep conversation to just being silly. We went to H&M because my friend "Key" gave me a gift card for Christmas, and I wanted to get an outfit for Tuesday. So we go in, and I love this store, but there wasn't much that was catching my attention. Then I saw these NICE jeans in the corner, I tried them on, and they was too big! So we went to another H&M which is right down the street to see if they had my size. I found them, tried them on for Omar, he said... "Those are Hot, You Look Bowlegged in them!"


So yeah, I got them. We then went down to Times Square to go to the Comic Book Store. On our way there, the new guy I'm talking to called me. He just got out of class, and said he was going to meet me in NYC to chill. I was shocked because he never comes to NYC, so I was happy he was on his way. The comic book store was closed, so we went to Toys R Us to see if they had any new Marvel Legends. To my surprise, they had them!


& X-23!

I was on Cloud Nine after that, you couldn't tell me nothing! Once we left the store, we met up with my dude and tried to find something to eat. Sorry Omar, but we just ended up at Wendy's, even though I knew he didn't want to go. After we ate, we headed to the train station, and found another Comic Book Store! Ohh yes! I got all the comics I missed out on... can this day get any better?

We got to Jersey City, to get in the car. We dropped Omar off, and headed to my house.
We slept. :)

We got up early to head to the bank so I could could get some money out. My computer is running sooooo slow right now, so I'm going to use my tax money to upgrade my system. Since my dude works at COMPUSA part time, I got to take advantage of his employee discount. I was able to get an external hardrive, some memory, an antivirus program, a USB port Hub, some blank cds, and a DVD cleaner for LESS THAN 300 bucks!
Thanks again! :)

So then we had to pick up an entertainment center for him and his dad's new apartment. So we headed to Walmart. Question? Do you guys flirt in public? I think that is such a turn on! So we get the entertainment center and headed to his apartment. I was shocked because there were some issues previously about me going to his place in relation to his Dad & Brother. Long story! I actually mentioned in an earlier post. I told him, you can't live for other people, but I surely didn't want his brother beating the hell out of me! To make a long story short, all of us ended up putting the entertainment center till 2 in the morning, and I'm still alive, lol. We had fun. The snow was really coming down, and there was no way he was taking me back to Newark that night. We sat up watching a movie, eating icecream with sprinkles, and then we slept. :)

[I almost forgot, yesterday we went to Woodbridge Mall, and I got a New Beast and New Magneto! Four New Figures in one weekend is a record!]

We slept in since he didn't have to go to Church that morning. I called Omar to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He's Legal now! My dude made us Hamburgers and French Fries, and we got the "Ites", and took a longgggg nap. We got up, picked up his Dad, and we all ate some food, and he took me home. Now mind you, I forgot my phone at home all weekend, so I got some serious cursing out from two of my friends. "Key" who thinks I'm ignoring him, which wasn't the case, and my God Brother Malik, who's birthday was also today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAKY! Not my fault, just got snowed in.

So overall, I had the best weekend!
How was yours?


  • YEAH, NO MORE DAMNED WENDY'S !! I still ate like a beast tho didn't I? I'm so ashamed. You got more action figures? I'll be playing with them on Tuesday! HOLLA!Flirting is the best..do it wherever you can! (slept,huh?...yeah...and i'm a heterosexual)

    By Blogger Omar Ramon, at 10:25 PM  

  • Sounds like you had a great weekend. I think I listened to your last post like 15-20 times, I'm just feeling that song right now.

    Alright for those toys. I spend way to much a week on comic books. I can't imagine budgeting toys in there too.

    By Blogger lj, at 1:20 AM  

  • A brotha gets a bonus check and what does he do???? Give it all to Marvel!!!!! LOL

    My ex has footlockers *with an s* full of comic books and gets just as happy as you seem to have been when he gets a new one! LOL! I just don't get it....maybe it's a guy thing.....

    By Blogger Ladynay, at 4:34 AM  

  • LOL - yea, that last post was hot...that's why you got all them hits. I listened to it twice myslef. Alright for that weekend...it's hot. And um, bonus checks are ALWAYS the shit! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    Coming Into Reality,

    By Blogger Jamal K. Franklin, at 8:56 AM  

  • Your weekend went a lot better than mine. It started off pretty good. I spent time with my mom on Friday after work (she cooked for me *yum*). But Saturday I was dateless and alone. Oh well, at least I had time to catch up on my reading (started reading Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid). Hopefully this weekend will go better for me.

    By Blogger Shana, at 9:21 AM  

  • I'm glad you had a great weekend!

    By Blogger Cash S., at 10:48 AM  

  • Congrats on the great weekend. My roommate is also into Marvel.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:54 PM  

  • awwwwww...how cute!

    By Blogger Trent Jackson, at 8:25 PM  

  • I love that you still have a kid in you....I unfortunately stopped collecting a while back now.....oh, and flirting in public is the BEST!!! I love that feeling when you are trying to hide the blushing or seeing that person blush!!!

    By Anonymous Anton aka Rasta Puppy, at 1:44 PM  

  • Uh... let a brotha know when you're in the city next

    By Blogger Bougie Black Boy, at 6:29 PM  

  • happy you had a good weekend. mine sucked monkey's nuts. i had a really sick patient and my ex called me with the bullshit. my week will be better.

    By Blogger Accomplice, at 6:02 AM  

  • my weekend was phenomenal like yours...

    By Blogger ProfessorGQ, at 10:07 AM  

  • Happy Valentines Day....i know im late with this...lol

    By Blogger P. Alonzo Harris Jr., at 2:13 PM  

  • Well, you have been doing some re-designing around here. Eventful weekend....this weekend will be quite eventful for me. I'll give you an update via blog

    By Blogger mytruth, at 12:15 AM  

  • how ya been? hope things are well. longtime no see.

    By Blogger Bougie Black Boy, at 11:35 AM  

  • @ Omar
    I haven't had Wendy's in awhile, but... next time, we'll eat something else. I didn't know you was turning on me? lol

    @ LJ
    15-20 times? WOW? I love the song too, the interesting part about it isnow is whenever my friends hear the song on the radio, they look at me with this sly smile like Im about to break out into a performance, lol. Thanks LJ!

    Marvel gets all my money, its a shame, but I can't help it. What does your boyfriend collect?

    @ jamal F.
    thanks J! Hopefully this weekend will be even better!

    @ Shana
    Let me know how it goes this weekend... i wish my mom would cook for me!

    @ cash
    thanks man!

    @ eps
    tell ur roomate we need to talk!

    @ trent
    Cute indeed!!!!!

    @ bougie
    I will be in the city Saturday! holla at me!

    @ accomplice
    not monkey nuts! lol always the ex huh?

    @ professor
    Do tell!

    @ p. alonzo
    Same to you man, what did you do? or should I say who did u do? lol

    @ mytruth
    Can't wait!

    By Blogger ShawnQt, at 11:15 AM  

  • Well...my weekend was AIIGHT (see MY BLOG for the story abotu Sunday), but I didn't get to enjoy the snow like U did because I was locked away on the plantation. It's all good tho -- because I was bein so salty that they called on Tuesday and FIRED MY ASS!! (LOL) I LOVE IT...emancipation is a beautiful thing. Doors are flying open already, not to mention that I was THISCLOSE to decapitating that goddamend Vietnamese manager...but I digress...Talk soon. (whatever happened to that private chat?)

    By Blogger Charismatic One, at 5:46 PM  

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