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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Go Idol Go!

Like everyone else I have been watching American Idol, and been trying to pick my favorites. It's a hard decision because we really haven't seen what everyone can do... but I decided to pick my top three boys and top three girls [and others] that I will be rooting for:


Ace Young: He has a very nice tone to his voice, and he seems serious, musical wise. He's a looker as well.

David Radford: I'm not big on crooners, but he has to have something else to him! It's in the smile!

Kevin Covais: The underdog with the big voice, that loves Hip Hop and Kanye West! Yeah!


Mandisa: Frenchie Part 2? She's a big momma with a big voice, and big heart... and she loves the Lord!

Lisa Tucker: The cutiest girl with a beautiful voice... Don't she remind you of Aaliyah?

Kathrine Mcphee: Yeah she's a goof ball, but she can blow! I love her personality!

Who will I love watching?

Brenna Gethers: One Word, DIVA!!!!

Who will I love 2 hate?

Gedeon Mckinney: He is so damn cocky, I can't take it!

The White Ray Charles?

Please Note: I'm not going to make my official picks of who will be the American Idol UNTIL I HEAR THEM SING! WE shall see!



  • I haven't been watching AI. Are you serious about that last person being a contestant?

    By Blogger E, at 9:53 AM  

  • I don't watch American Idol until there are only a few left.

    I'll enjoy the show thru you.

    P.S. While I don't always leave comments, I'm an avid reader of your blog. It's quite entertaining.

    By Blogger DizYaBoy, at 10:12 AM  

  • I did not watch the last show so I'm not familiar with who the final 24 were. I usually watch the very beginning with all of the fools that think they can sing and then watch the last few show, but I may try to see the whole thing this year.

    By Blogger "N" Search of Ecstasy, at 6:51 PM  

  • I don't watch the show until the last few people are standing. I can keep up through your posts though.

    By Blogger Accomplice, at 8:40 PM  

  • I really haven't picked any favorites yet. Well except for Mandisa( hope there arent any photos out there). Why does that last dude look like somebodies grandaddy..he CAn sing though( just weird).

    By Blogger lj, at 8:49 PM  

  • I don't watch AI


    By Blogger Ladynay, at 3:49 PM  

  • @ E
    Ohhh yes, the picture doesn't do him justice, he is just as wacky in person!

    @ Dizyaboy
    Why does everyone wait till the last minute? lol
    Thanks man!

    @ N Search
    Hey Girl! Try it, it will be fun!

    @ accomplice
    What is wrong with ya! lol

    @ lj
    LOL, she is saved christian, trust me, there wont be!
    [or will there be???]

    @ ladynay

    By Blogger ShawnQt, at 12:14 PM  

  • that cocky black man is trent jackson LOL!

    By Blogger Charles X, at 2:00 PM  

  • I only watch the first and last few episodes. I see the worst, and the best, and then it's over.

    By Blogger LUVIN ME, at 7:25 AM  

  • I aint been watching it cause it comes on when im in Bible study.

    By Blogger Ya boy Maurice, at 1:10 PM  

  • i am watching the guys tonight

    By Blogger No4real4real, at 1:53 PM  

  • I got my money on Paris

    By Blogger antneya, at 2:47 PM  

  • this show sucks - and i refuse to believe that last guy is 29!

    By Blogger Clay, at 10:58 AM  

  • wow ... i would not have picked any of them, except for the white ray charles. this year will be interesting to watch! the guys really showed out last night!

    By Blogger *Madosi, at 1:13 PM  

  • I haven' watched it simon cowell gts on my nerves too much lol

    By Blogger Danielle, at 2:44 PM  

  • i haven't been watching...let me get on the sites...looks like it's some fine sistas...

    By Blogger The Sarccastik Variable Why, at 6:25 AM  

  • Chris...Chris...Chris!! One day you will come around ShawnQT. lol

    By Blogger Dayne Avery, at 10:09 AM  

  • vomit. hate that show.

    By Blogger jameil1922, at 8:30 AM  

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