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Monday, February 06, 2006


Get this video and more at MySpace.com

"So Sick" by Ne-Yo
[performed by shawnqt]


  • More, More, More!!!! Shawn you told me you were gonna do something special and you aint LIE!!!!...I FEEL YOU WITH THIS!!!!...its good to see your personality and you smilin through the performance...I LOVE IT!!!

    By Blogger antneya, at 5:12 PM  

  • I do not know if it was on purpose, but I like the black and white look at the very beginning, very avante garde. Good performance overall

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:44 PM  

  • My Shawn you are so crazy. Yhanx boo even tho i know it wasn't only for me (maybe not for me at all?!?!) but you know I LOVE that song. It does something to me because it speaks to a real place in so many folks life experience..particularly yours truly. You gotta show me how to do the video thing or at least an audio entry so I can really vent on this MOTHAFATHA!!!

    By Blogger Omar Ramon, at 5:58 PM  

  • Why can't I turn off the radioooo
    Why can't I turn off the radioooo

    Why Imma think of this everytime I hear the song now? LOL

    By Blogger Ladynay, at 6:55 PM  

  • Damn - now I know what you meant when you said you were dealing. I hope you can feel better. If there's anything u need...or if u just wanna talk, I'm here for you!

    Coming Into Reality,

    PS - I still wanna hang out for American Idol!

    By Blogger Jamal K. Franklin, at 11:03 PM  

  • You better work, boy!(Make that money like a stripper with a collection plate) You learned the WHOLE song, see, not just the chorus, and most of the lyrics, but the ad libs too, Damn, thorough and cute.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:34 AM  

  • Brilliant!

    Can't concentrate on work now.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:56 AM  

  • I'm throwing dollar bills at my computer screen!

    By Blogger Rodney, at 3:21 AM  

  • dammit just when I get myself together u go and do this........LOL

    By Blogger YUSEF, at 6:35 AM  

  • lol... you keeping raising the bar.....

    i hope all is well with you....

    By Blogger P. Alonzo Harris Jr., at 6:41 AM  

  • I LOVED IT ...

    (even though i could tell there were parts where you had no idea what the next word was going to be, LOL)

    By Blogger *Madosi, at 12:30 PM  

  • aww! sing that tired ass song!

    By Blogger Charles X, at 2:46 PM  

  • That was hot, I think you need to submit that for the music video for that song. Excellent performance and brilliant blog, you continue to enlighten us with your graceful talents. Job well done!

    By Blogger Rahshek, at 3:49 PM  

  • That was soooo cute!!

    By Blogger Cash S., at 6:51 PM  

  • That's my joint!

    By Blogger mytruth, at 9:59 PM  

  • aww, i wanna sing with you.

    honey boo, you need some starbuck's chocolate almond fudge ice cream and a huge.

    I hate break ups!

    By Blogger Accomplice, at 10:21 PM  

  • LOL that was funny..first time at the spot but I will def be back. I love that song

    By Blogger Honey-Libra, at 11:34 AM  

  • soooo cute!!

    i smiled the whole time

    By Blogger feels good b n FREE, at 2:25 PM  

  • gosh...you are so technically inclined...could you hook me up with a banner like yours? yes, I want to bite.

    By Blogger ProfessorGQ, at 2:30 PM  

  • this was real cute....

    Turn the damn radio off and start cooking...

    By Blogger Trent Jackson, at 3:55 PM  

  • You always look one step away from giving a Kool-Aid smile. I love your page.


    By Blogger Reg, at 4:25 PM  


    [Part 2 is up Now]

    By Blogger W A T E R, at 12:14 PM  

  • hey, longtime no see. i've been incognito for a minute. seems like you're really goin thru some things right now. keep your head up. hope things go well for you. only wishing the best.

    By Blogger Bougie Black Boy, at 4:17 PM  

  • I swear that profile pic wasn't moving a few hours ago!!!!!

    By Blogger Ladynay, at 4:46 PM  

  • you takin requests? do "my hump" or whatever it's called.

    By Blogger Karamale, at 11:27 AM  

  • OMG....I honestly started to well up....and didnt know why at first. It was not only because I love this song....but because I so can sympathise where you are right now. I fell in love with your spirit a little more after seeing this....

    By Anonymous Anton aka Rasta Puppy, at 11:46 AM  

  • That was hot man! Do the damn thing. Your page is fire. You need to stop showing off. Serious attitude problem...LOL

    By Blogger No4real4real, at 9:12 AM  



    By Blogger Unconquerable Soul, at 5:34 PM  

  • You done gone Mad with this one. Nice post!

    By Blogger KneeDeep, at 6:06 PM  

  • I was really feeling that. . . you had me over here singing with you. . . and your facial expressions and those nice straight pearly whites. . . really hot! Go head wit yo bad self!

    By Blogger Shana, at 6:21 PM  

  • This was excellent man. I was already feelin the song but definitely feelin you doin your thang with it too. Very well done I was stuck on this clip all the way to the end.

    By Blogger Soulful Real, at 6:45 PM  

  • This was so HOT!!! You really made the song your own with that performance. I'm so feelin' it! Now I'm really looking forward to what you're going to do next. Excellent post man!

    By Blogger BuddahDesmond, at 11:04 AM  

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