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Thursday, December 15, 2005


originally written March 7th, 2002

Yo, this brotha look mad good,
I think I got this life misunderstood.
How can you say this feeling is wrong,
Cause I've been eyeballing this dude all day long.
Damn, look as his lips,
SHIT, a brotha has to get some of this!

The teacher is going on and on,
Just making a brotha yawn,
If she don't shut her ass up.
I am just trying to see What's up,
with this brotha across the room,
so let me resume...

Back to his eyes,
Light brown, and turn green in July.
His complexion is pure perfection,
just one touch would give me an erection,
My ish is already on the climb,
I had to shift it like three or four times.

But I don't give a f*ck,
with any luck I be sucking his dick,
in the back of his truck!
Yo, what is the deal with me,
sounding like a Lil Kim CD.
And you know that ain't me, please,
cause I hardly even get on my knees.

Ok, maybe it was once or twice,
only because he sucked my shit all night.
And maybe this nig could be the next,
for sex, if he really is a suspect.

To holla, or not to holla,
that is the question?
My soul says, tell him your confession.
So I have to use my discretion, to give the right impression,
to fully experience this sexual obsession.


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